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About me

My name is Mathieu GUÉRIN. I'm 21-years-old and currently in my final year as an IT engineer student. I'm studying Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in a Master's degree at EPITA. I'm also skilled as a back-end developer, leaning full-stack in web development.

I first got into IT technologies in 2010, approximately, by learning programming with the C language. I wrote some basic console programs and tried to fiddle with the SDL library. Later on, I started to learn web development with HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. Since 2012, I created many projects for my own account and a few more for others. I also explored and fiddled a bit with Arduino projects. As years passed, I kept learning about more tech tools and concepts, programming languages and paradigms, and machine learning.

Today, I'm able to work with a variety of technologies and languages. I find myself comfortable working with web apps and much more. I have experience with many back-end languages such as PHP, JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, C++. I'm also familiar with some front-end languages and frameworks for the web. Of course, I know how to work with databases and ORMs.

I'm an open-source enthusiast and some of my projects are available on my Github account. Since 2018 after high school, I focus more on my studies and my work, but I still keep some time for my personal projects.

If you want to know more about me and my projects, please see my detailed Curriculum Vitae, my Work Timeline.

Want to contact me? Here's how:

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Telegram Discord (Matiboux#7155) LinkedIn